Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Watch out, the Scots are coming!

I met a group of three Scottish guys the other night at the Novotel. Oil guys, very friendly bunch. Bought me a beer and invited me to sit with them.

When one of them heard I used to live in Florida, he became very animated. Wanted to tell me all about this great little town he had discovered where he wants to retire.

The spot? Pass-A-Grille Beach!

It seems his wife had forced him to take the family to Disney World a few years ago, and after 4 or 5 days he'd had enough of the central part of the state. So he loaded up the rental car and went off in search of some water.

Not quite sure why he went west instead of east, but he ended up in the St. Pete area and immediately fell in love with the place. Says he's working on a 10-year plan to get back to the west coast of Florida again, for good, and that's why he's in Abu Dhabi. Sounds kinda familiar ...

In the near future, however, he wants to engage me in a drinking contest. Says Americans don't know diddly about drinking. Based on what I saw from him and his buddies that night, he's right. I wouldn't stand a chance.

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  1. odd! But a nice little stretch of sand, I must say. And you're wise to never try to out-drink a Scot. I come from some pretty fine raging alcoholic Scot stock, as you know, and have witnessed the awesome power that is a Highland Drink-off. You'd stand less than a chance. ;)