Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Queen of Sheba is in the house

In Atlanta, a building is considered ancient if it has been around for ... what, maybe 50 years? Certainly anything still standing that was not burned by General Sherman would be given reverential treatment as an historic structure.

In some ways, the city of Abu Dhabi is the same. Pretty much every building has been built since the 1970s and 1980s. Side by side with the new, glittering, futuristic towers are loads of run-down mid-rises, the equivalent of bad hair days for architects. Truly ugly buildings that deserve to be torn down.

But out in the desert in Sharjah are the remains of a castle that some people believe was the home of the Queen of Sheba.

As in, the woman who's mentioned in the Bible and the Quran, going to visit King Solomon to test his famous wisdom. She was presumably the ruler of the region somewhere around the 10th century BC.

Now, some experts claim the site could not be more than a thousand years old, and maybe they're right. But even still ... that it's even possible to consider these are the remains of a castle that belonged to the Queen of Sheba is just mind boggling.

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